Cyclops Gear Open Cyclops Gear link in a new window, a maker of video cameras embedded in sunglasses and goggles is looking to expand their product line by using crowd-funding at Fundable.

Currently they have several nice products that can make any motorcycle rider into a video camera operator. Don on their Cyclops Gear CGLIFE 1080p Video Sunglasses and not only will you shade your eyes from the glaring sun and look cool at the same time, but you can also record your ride.


Cyclops Gear CGLIFE 1080p Video Sunglasses

The sunglasses have a 15 megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p High Def video. In the full HD mode you can record at a frame rate of 30 FPS, but if you dial back the definition to 720P, you can record at 50 FPS.

The onboard battery will allow you to record up to 2 hours of video, and the images are stored on a Micro SD card (BYO).

Price: US$149.99 - US$169.99 (price depends on color of sunglasses)

These sunglasses are nice to record your ride with your riding buddies, but if you want to get out and play rough, you will need goggles, and Cyclops Gear provide those as well.

Cyclops Gear Moto Goggles

Called Cyclops Gear Moto the goggles provide 720p resolution with an integrated 12 megapixel camera and a frame rate of 30 FPS. You can get colored lenses, although the standard pack contains clear lenses, and it also contains a pack of tear off sheets for the lens. I just wonder if the tear off sheets also work for the camera lens, since if you need to clear your lens because of dirt and mud, chances are you camera can not see anything anymore.

Price: US$149.99 (color choice are black or white)

Cyclops Gear are looking at providing their products in very high def standard 1080p with Wifi, allowing you to view your images directly on a smartphone.

By going to their Fundable page, you can pledge money and thereby get your sunglasses or goggles cheaper, so it's worth it to go there.

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