Recording breath-taking action footage during outdoor activities can range from annoying to bothersome. The added nuisance of having to hold a smartphone or bulky recording equipment can hinder performance and even increase the risk of dangerous injuries. That’s why Cyclops Gear is looking to change the action sports game with their “Google Glass meets GoPro” inspired glasses.

Built for a wide range of activities such as skiing, snowboarding, biking, racing, fishing, wakeboarding, skydiving, and rock climbing, the Cyclops Gear CGLIFE2 glasses can record video and take photos in stunning 1080p resolution.

But that’s not all; these high-tech glasses are equipped with traditional UV protection to keep the eyes safe. Even more, the Cyclops Gear CGLIFE2 glasses offer WiFi streaming for easy uploading and downloading. Featuring over two hours of battery life, the CGLIFE2 is now available for $179 from crowd-funded site Fundable.


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